The Battery Show North America | Booth #2057

Reimagine Your Cell Production Line with EchoStat®

Scale Cell Production Quality Quickly, Safely, and Reliably

Liminal’s EchoStat battery inspection solution combines ultrasound technology and machine learning analytics to deliver automated in-line quality insights in seconds. At Liminal, we are defining the future of cell inspection providing more efficient and reliable battery manufacturing processes. EchoStat is not just a product; it’s a strategic partner that empowers cell manufacturers to operate at their full and best potential.

Be Our Guest at The Battery Show North America

Say hello. Liminal. Booth 2057.  September 12–14, 2023. The Battery Show North America.
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We’ll be at The Battery Show North America 2023 and we’d love to see you there. Stop by our booth at the show for a live demonstration of our EchoStat solution and be sure to schedule an in-person meeting! We’re always happy to meet new people, discuss Liminal and our EchoStat solution and hear what you have to say.

Event Details

Dates: September 12–14, 2023
Location: Suburban Collection Showplace, Novi, Michigan, USA
Liminal booth: #2057 (View exhibit hall map)

EchoStat Platform Addresses Battery Production Ramp Up and Default Detection Challenges

Maintaining quality while scaling battery production is a challenge, especially with the pressure to greatly reduce cell costs for broader EV adoption. Existing inspection methods offer either detailed insights at slow speeds or rapid assessments with limited depth. As the world accelerates towards electrification, manufacturers urgently need cell inspection solutions that merge deep insights with high throughput. Our solution is EchoStat, an advanced inspection and analytics platform that provides visibility inside battery cells throughout the manufacturing process.

  • Non-destructive cell inspection by harnessing the power of ultrasound.
  • High-speed, inline inspection to operate at highest potential, reducing bottlenecks.
  • Detects and characterizes multiple manufacturing defect types at optimal cost of ownership.
  • Ensures that better decisions are made by delivering real time insights to minimize error and provide greater control for maximum yield improvement.

Our Technology Empowers Battery Cell Manufacturers

  • Compress time-to-market for new cell technologies and processes.
  • Accelerate ramp-up of safe and reliable cell production.
  • Improve productivity and profitability at-scale.

The EchoStat Solution

Electrolyte Saturation Quality

Optimize electrolyte soaking time pre-formation to ensure 100% of manufactured cells are completely saturated, while providing unprecedented insights into electrolyte distribution and quality over time.

Cell Performance Prediction

Predict with more than 85% accuracy battery life performance and provide insights on cell quality distribution for all cells produced.

Defect Detection

Detects potential production defects such as electrode misalignment or separator folds/tears for 100% of cells produced pre-shipment.

Computer displaying set of four generic graphs.

Cell Uniformity Analytics

Monitor production batch and be alerted of any process drift or excursions in real time to ensure consistency.

See the Power of EchoStat at The Battery Show North America

EchoStat provides a unique approach to battery quality control, bridging the gap between the manufacturing processes of today and the efficiency demands of tomorrow. We have capacity for a limited number of new production-scale validation partners.