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Ultrasound and machine learning inspection solutions to elevate cell quality, improve cost and safety, and scale production confidently.

The leading edge of battery intelligence

From process development through factory ramp-up to mass manufacturing, we work side by side with your team to catch and resolve quality issues at multiple stages during production, enable improvements, and instill confidence to scale up production.

Cell and Process Development

From determining optimal saturation time to analyzing the impact of alternative material selections or formation parameters, we are your partner in advancing and accelerating process and cell development.

Factory Ramp Up

Inspect 100% of cells with EchoStat to quickly detect quality outliers and process anomalies, accelerating NPI and yield ramp with faster time-to-information compared to random sampling with end-of-line CT and cycle life testing.

High-Volume Manufacturing

Minimize the risk of quality escapes by inspecting 100% of cells in-line, quickly gain visibility into process drift and shifts due to upstream variations, and compare product quality between production runs.

Factory Expansion

Accelerate expansions by facilitating the transfer of learnings to new production facilities, minimize escapes by monitoring quality between production blocks and factories, and improve productivity with insights across global manufacturing operations.

Let’s partner to tackle your battery manufacturing challenges together.

Inspection solutions for every cell

Liminal’s EchoStat platform combines ultrasound and machine learning to deliver fast, non-destructive inspection of prismatic, pouch, and cylindrical cells across all chemistries. With off-line, at-line, and in-line solutions available, we can support your expansion into new formats, chemistries, and production processes.

Soak Process Optimization

Monitor electrolyte saturation during process development to determine optimal soak time, reduce saturation time by up to half.

Faster Yield Ramp

Identify and resolve issues with in-line inspection, accelerating yield ramp by up to 10% on the path to reaching production targets.

Early Error Detection

Detect and remove problematic cells prior to formation, earlier than CT and other end-of-line tests, reducing excessive scrap costs.

Capacity Fade Prediction

Deliver faster throughput with higher confidence in quality using cell performance and capacity fade prediction for every cell.



Custom trained models deployed on the EchoStat systems deliver actionable insights including electrolyte saturation quality, cell performance prediction, defect detection and classification, and cell uniformity analysis.

Ultrasound data visualizing the electrolyte saturation process in a battery cell.

Learn how EchoStat can power your journey from cell and process development to production.

EchoStat in action

Our family of solutions featuring EchoStat offer richer data than traditional scans, empowering production managers to improve upstream quality control, increase uptime, reduce costs, and optimize process.



High speed inspection of prismatic and pouch formats enabling rapid iteration, process improvements, and scans of 100% of cells on a production line in just six seconds per cell.



A high-resolution inspection system for prismatic and pouch cells that delivers readings in 15 minutes or less for most cells.



An ultrasound inspection and analytics system for cylindrical cells, providing key insights with off-line or at-line analysis.

Our ultrasound and machine learning based inspection solutions can inform your processes and fuel your success.