Better battery manufacturing for a better future

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Challenges with battery reliability have caused speed bumps in the shift to e-mobility and setbacks for automakers and battery companies.

Ramping battery cell manufacturing up to EV-level quality & reliability is no small feat but is a challenge that is too often overlooked. To meet the growing need while ensuring the highest quality standards, battery manufacturers require data-backed insights to make their systems more intelligent.

Overcoming the status quo

EchoStat® is the only battery technology that uses ultrasound imaging and machine learning analytics for fast, efficient, high-quality inspection and process control in battery manufacturing. It detects flaws during production at their source and records the environment in which they occurred. This data is then used to continually improve the manufacturing process, resulting in higher output and less waste.

Liminal’s inspection solutions are non-invasive, non-destructive, and offer a comprehensive analysis of each battery cell’s physical condition during production – and it all takes only a matter of seconds.

With EchoStat technology, battery manufacturers:

Minimize risk, with early flaw detection

EchoStat allows customers to catch and resolve design and production anomalies in real time and prevents flawed or poorly constructed batteries while decreasing the cost of scrap before it enters the market.

Reduce wasted time and materials

With EchoStat, EV and battery companies scale quickly and profitably while producing safe, reliable, high-quality batteries with minimized production waste.

Meet the growing demand with better batteries

Customers who see battery process engineering & production innovations as a requirement and competitive advantage use EchoStat to meet the growing demand efficiently.

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Ultrasound meets Machine Learning

EchoStat can handle all common types of EV battery cells, regardless of size or chemistry. Liminal has systems for pouch, prismatic and cylindrical form factors.

Ultrasound pulses are sent into one side of the cell, and the response signals are recorded on the opposite side. EchoStat can cover the total area of a cell, and its speed and non-destructive nature make it easy to integrate into any production workflow.

EchoStat’s analytics platform examines the data with proprietary machine-learning software that provides deep insights into each cell’s variation from the baseline, across multiple production runs and production lines.

Faster time-to-market
for new batteries

Accelerated production
scale-up & yield ramp

Higher production efficiency, productivity, profitability

Reduction in material
waste & greenhouse gases (GHG)

“We believe Liminal’s product will bring significant, recurring value in our battery process engineering and production, offering a competitive edge for our next-generation battery cells.”

Ali Firouzi, VP Technology at Natron Energy

“Working with Liminal gives us a competitive edge as the EV industry grapples with growing pains. We welcome Liminal’s focus on manufacturing-stage solutions in different steps of the process.”

Stefan Holzhauer, Director Technology Partnerships for Digital Industries at Siemens