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This Liminal moment

A “liminal” moment is one that occupies both sides of a boundary or threshold—one that marks a critical point in history, where a shift is about to take place, and everything will be different. We believe we’re living in such a moment, and we feel that we can make that shift a positive one.

We are firm believers that advancing battery manufacturing is essential in paving the way toward a fully electrified future. Since 2015, we have been diligently working to solve quality control challenges in battery R&D and cell manufacturing.

Founded by top technologists from Princeton University and fellows in the Activate entrepreneurial fellowship program–in partnership with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s Cyclotron Road Division–Liminal started out with the idea that ultrasound could pick up on physical differences in battery cells, and could be applied in a variety of places along the battery value chain. We then realized that the technology could address major pain points and opportunities in cell manufacturing, which desperately needs to scale up in order to meet global demand. We have been focused on improving cell manufacturing quality control ever since.

By improving the performance and safety of batteries and decreasing their lifetime costs, Liminal’s solutions increase scalability for battery cell manufacturers and automotive OEMs. We bring our experience in the intersection of batteries and ultrasound to everything we do, supporting our partners across every stage of the manufacturing journey. From making electric mobility the default option for everyone, to creating resilient storage for a fully electrified grid, our systems support the work of building a sustainable, equitable future.

Our values

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We choose to believe in the good in people. By default, we expect that they act with integrity and good intentions. We trust each other and know that we always have each other’s back.

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Our inquisitive nature catalyzes innovation, creativity, and excellence. We take smart risks, learn from our mistakes, and accelerate. We deliberately challenge biases and assumptions and then make decisions based on data-driven evidence.

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We strive to treat everyone with dignity and respect. When we amplify each other, diversity becomes our competitive advantage. Together, we celebrate differences, individual talents, unique viewpoints, and collective strength.

A mission-driven culture

We’re an organization united by our vision of a more sustainable electrified future. Our belief in the power of positive change extends beyond the work we do. Here’s a few more ways we’re contributing to a cleaner tomorrow.

  • Our team volunteers at cleanup events around the Bay Area
  • We’re fighting food waste as proud owners of an in-office Mill bin
  • We continuously assess DEI metrics and work to improve representation of marginalized groups within our team
  • We honor the diverse heritage of our team with company-wide celebrations of holidays across various cultures

Supporting the clean energy transition should be fun! We have regular team lunches, monthly birthday parties, and plenty of other opportunities to enjoy spending time with our teammates.

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Dog visiting the office.
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Join our team

Liminal is advancing the clean energy transition by improving manufacturing quality and decreasing the cost of EV batteries. We believe in a sustainable, electrified future where battery manufacturing leads the way. We are dedicated to building a world-class, world-positive company. We work closely on a foundation of mutual trust and informed decisions. We value personal growth and continuous learning. We value candidates who are naturally curious, passionate about their work, and love being challenged respectfully. You care deeply about your team, communicate directly, and believe in doing what you say. We often have openings for dedicated and passionate people, and we believe the most innovative teams are inclusive and celebrate all forms of diversity. Join us!

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“One of the most special things about Liminal is how collaborative and friendly everyone is. Even when there’s a point of friction, people are willing to discuss and find the best solution or path forward without much ego or emotion getting in the way.”

Laura Masgula, Customer Program Manager

“I think Liminal is unique because, by and large, our employees are exceptionally kind and exceptionally intelligent. I have never felt that I didn’t receive help when I asked for it, and my teammates display time and time again that we support one another in our joint efforts towards creating a great end-product.”

Claire LoRusso, Senior People Operations Associate

“Liminal is a company where you can learn a lot from everyone you work with. I have never been in an organization quite like this, where we have so many driven people with expertise across different domains. Being stimulated like this is great for staying energized, solving customer problems and growing quickly in your career.”

Alex Pitzer, Software Engineering Manager

“Liminal is a continuously evolving engineering playground. Here we get a chance to dive into some unique EV battery challenges and collaborate with a bright and multi-disciplined team. Plus, the work we do is more than just completing the next project but getting us a step closer towards leaving this world better than we found it.”

Isaac Campos, Technical Program Manager