Inside The Shell GameChanger™ Accelerator
June 19, 2019

The Feasible team has been working closely with NREL since the kickoff of the Shell Game Changer (GCxN) Accelerator to better understand Feasible’s technology and identify the best application areas for the EchoStat™ platform. The experts at NREL understands the need for more comprehensive ways to detect battery health. Just like going to the doctor and getting only measurements of pulse and temperature will not fully illustrate the patient’s health condition, the industry standard of measuring voltage and resistance only scratches the surface of the condition of the battery cell. The concept is still fairly new to most battery industry veterans. To shed more light on the topic, GCxN dedicates a Feasible company page with the key details of the company and has also published a few media items showcasing the collaborative work between the teams.

Shi, who now works primarily on lithium-ion batteries, found out about the Shell GameChanger opportunity at NREL when her manager emailed her. Shi was already leading another project with Shell, testing and modelling battery degradation for grid storage, and this Feasible project seemed a natural alignment.

For Shi, one of the other exciting things about ultrasound technology is that it can be used not just for specific lithium-ion chemistry, but also for pouch cells in general regardless of their chemistry – an important factor, because so many emerging lithium-ion chemistries are now being raced to market.

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