Three Key Takeaways from Battery Show North America 2022
October 4, 2022

The Liminal team attended The Battery Show 2022 in Novi Michigan, September 13–15. Considered the most comprehensive annual battery manufacturing conference, this year’s event boasted 150+ speakers, 750+ suppliers, and 15,000+ attendees—a 50% increase in attendance over last year.

At The Battery Show 2022, we were thrilled to announce the launch of our automated EchoStat® technology, which delivers elevated in-process inspection and leverages rich, multi-dimensional data to provide visibility into the performance of EV batteries beyond a simple pass/fail. Live demonstrations of our SPAR probe system piqued curiosities and generated meaningful dialogue with visitors from across the industry.

We also had the opportunity to discuss the biggest industry challenges and ground-breaking solutions identified by other top engineers, innovators, and companies in attendance. 

Here are three key takeaways from our experience:

1. Cell-Level Technology Has Become a Strong Focus 

Over the past few years—and especially at The Battery Show 2022 —we’ve seen a progressive and deepening involvement in manufacturing from legacy companies. It was a central topic of this year’s event, with many exhibitors and presenters focusing on cell-level innovations. While we’ve seen emphasis on battery pack and module development in years past, it’s become clear that the critical need for safer, more compact, more cost-effective EV batteries can only be achieved by improving the cells themselves.

2. The Battery Show 2022 Had a Major Emphasis on Data and Digitalization

Several companies showcased products and services relating to battery management, such as simulation, testing, data aggregation, and predictive analytics. In fact, more than one third of the total exhibitors present specialized in data and digitalization. Advancements in battery management systems will allow our industry to gather more actionable data, improve battery efficiency and longevity, and meet the world’s ever-increasing demand for high-performing batteries.

3. The Battery Supply Chain is Fragile and Inadequate

Increased demand for EV batteries means an increased demand for mined materials. Currently, about 71% of our world’s lithium, 65% of cobalt, and 35% of nickel comes from China. This leaves our supply chain open to geopolitical risk and inflated shipping costs, while yields only scratch the surface of what will be required for a clean energy future. The US government recently committed billions of dollars to boost the nation’s ability to process crucial materials and build EV batteries. Unfortunately, it can take up to a decade for a mine to come online in the US, in addition to permitting and litigation costs in the hundreds of millions of dollars. These factors could hamper production domestically, placing even greater emphasis on the need to improve battery efficiency and longevity and ramp up recycling efforts.

Final Thoughts on The Battery Show 2022

As we reflect on the experience, the challenge remains clear: The battery industry must quickly scale up supply to match demand while simultaneously delivering on safety, reliability, and performance, and reducing battery costs. With EchoStat, Liminal has provided an essential turnkey solution unlike anything else on the market, delivering advanced intelligence and insights to the EV industry.

The interest generated by our technology at The Battery Show 2022 was a clear validation that the industry is hungry for innovations that can rise to meet its challenges. Liminal is poised to deliver on solutions that address these challenges and open the door to a world where safer, more affordable EVs are accessible to everyone.