Liminal recognized by Business Insider as a startup that can help the EV battery industry ramp up
July 27, 2022

Liminal was recently featured in Business Insider as one of four startups that can help the EV battery industry ramp up.

The EV battery is one of the most critical components of electric vehicles. As the auto industry races to electrify, one of the most pressing challenges the EV-battery industry faces today is whether manufacturers can meet production targets amid surging demand. In other words, “whether battery companies can actually make the batteries needed,” explains Alexa St. John from Business Insider. Churning out millions of battery cells while maintaining their quality and reliability is difficult to accomplish, and it can lead to costly defects in cell manufacturing.

The six-year-old startup wants to help automakers avoid costly problems like the $800 million recall of the Chevrolet Bolt. Using a combination of hardware and software, Liminal’s ultrasound technology looks for flaws while batteries are being made and can flag defects to the manufacturer.

4 startups that investors and the auto industry are betting on to help the electric-vehicle-battery industry navigate a massive supply shortage, Alexa St. John, Business Insider

Using Liminal’s ultrasound technology and machine learning, battery makers can visualize the internal state of EV batteries to catch cell defects at their source, and receive actionable insights to help improve yield and streamline battery production.

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