FreightWaves Podcast: Liminal’s Ultrasound Technology Can See Inside EV Batteries
July 26, 2022

How does Liminal’s ultrasound technology visualize the internal state of EV batteries to detect cell defects at their source?

On the latest FreightWaves podcast, our CEO Andrew Hsieh spells out what Liminal’s technology is, how it works and why the world of the future needs safe, high-performing, cost-effective EV batteries.

The ability to catch defects before the EV batteries are installed in a vehicle, perform regular health checks, “and be able to detect things like electrolyte-wetting and filling and other process steps can save significant time and money, all of which are critical in a streamlined production environment with better build quality. Being able to catch these defects would be critical to preventing accidents like [the recent battery fires and GM recalls].”

“Understanding a battery’s health by measuring voltage, current and resistance is not the only way to check if there’s a problem. Liminal has another idea: use ultrasound and machine learning analytics to look inside each cell in the factory, to catch any problems before they make it to the pack and then the vehicle.”

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