Workweek: Ultrasounds for Batteries, Not for Babies
April 6, 2023

When Your Baby is a Battery

We’re honored to be featured in a recent article by Workweek, discussing Liminal’s unique role in the battery manufacturing industry with our CEO and Co-founder, Andrew Hsieh.

Our EchoStat platform leverages ultrasound technology to empower battery manufacturers with quality control and process optimization.

“Ultrasounds aren’t just for babies. Liminal uses ultrasound technology to peer inside batteries on manufacturing lines on factory floors. Their ‘EchoStat’ platform offers an ultrasound inspection solution engineered specifically for EV-grade batteries.”

“This technology is designed to help battery manufacturers on two fronts. First, they offer manufacturers a major assist in quality control… Second, in doing the quality control work over time, Liminal should also be able to help battery manufacturers zoom out to spot trends and then zoom back in to improve their processes and efficiency.”

– Nick Van Osdol, Workweek

By providing manufacturers with critical data and insights, EchoStat allows them to improve their processes and efficiency–ensuring the production of reliable, safe EV-grade batteries.

To learn more about EchoStat and its implications on the battery manufacturing industry, read the full article by Nick Van Osdol.