The Battery Show Europe | Booth 6-G44

Reimagine your production line with EchoStat®

Battery cell insights in seconds

Liminal’s EchoStat solution combines ultrasound technology and machine learning analytics to deliver automated in-line insights in seconds. This is the future of cell testing, empowering more efficient, more reliable battery manufacturing. This is the power of EchoStat.

Be our guest at The Battery Show Europe

Meet the team. Liminal logo. May 23 – 25, 2023. Stuttgart, Germany.
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We’ll be at The Battery Show Europe 2023 and we’d love to see you there. Stop by our booth at the show for a live demonstration of our EchoStat solution and be sure to schedule an in-person meeting! We’re always happy to meet new people, discuss Liminal and our EchoStat solution and hear what you have to say.

Event details

Dates: May 23–25, 2023
Location: Messe Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany
Liminal booth: 6-G44 (View exhibit hall map)

Don’t miss our featured sessions:

Scaling cell production quickly, safely, and reliably with in-line ultrasound and ML-based inspection

Portrait of Nicolina Nannie.

Nicolina Nanni

Head of Product

Liminal’s Head of Product, Nicolina Nanni, will discuss some of the current challenges in battery manufacturing and how they’re hindering the shift to e-mobility and negatively impacting the entire EV battery industry. This session will look at how Liminal’s in-line cell inspection platform, EchoStat enables improvements to cell safety and increases production capacity while reducing operational costs, for a more efficient production process.

Session details

Date: May 24, 2023
Time: 15:20 – 15:35
Location: Open Tech Forum (Booth 4-D10), Stuttgart, Germany

In-line electrolyte saturation monitoring with ultrasound inspection during cell manufacturing

Portrait of Austin Dulaney.

Austin Dulaney

Principal Data Scientist

Liminal’s EchoStat solutions can help customers detect poorly saturated cells and determine cycle life performance in seconds. At The Battery Show Europe, Liminal Principal Data Scientist Austin Dulaney will be discussing how it works and the impacts and implications of this groundbreaking technology on the battery manufacturing process.

Session details

Date: May 24, 2023
Time: 12:25 – 12:45
Location: B, Messe Stuttgart, Germany

For a faster, more efficient manufacturing process

Battery cell manufacturing and testing today is slow, costly, insufficient and inefficient. Our solution is EchoStat, an advanced inspection and analytics platform that provides visibility inside battery cells throughout the manufacturing process.

  • Fast, non-destructive, physical inspections of any cell type
  • Improved process efficiency and earlier error detection
  • Spatially-resolved data delivered in seconds
  • More accurate cell performance predictions
  • Powerful insights during process engineering and series production
  • High-resolution scans detect separator and electrode defects

The EchoStat Advantage

Electrolyte Saturation Quality

50% shorter process time, detect outliers 95% earlier

End-of-Line Quality Assurance

95%+ faster than standard QA tests with the same result

See the power of EchoStat at The Battery Show Europe

Liminal’s solutions tighten the feedback loop between error and detection in battery manufacturing. We have capacity for a limited number of new production-scale validation partners.